Fast Indexing of Articles

The fast indexing of any web page gives a good indication as to what Google thinks of the website it's posted on, and the new page's initial link profile. We take a number of steps to ensure your article will be quickly indexed by Google:-
  • it's linked-to from the home page of the website it's published on
  • it's linked-to from within the category you page you choose when you create the article
  • it's linked-to from the home page of
  • it also given a link from this very website you're reading now
  • on top of that, we link it from a random selection of 3 to 5 other websites to give it a natural profile
  • we link to it via Twitter over several tweets made over several days
  • we include the URL of your article in the website's sitemap the moment the article is published
The steps we take are safe and effective - they leave lots of signposts to Google that new, unique content has been published on an established website, and that content takes a prominent position in the page hierarchy of the website.