Nichely Done Article Publishing FAQ

I want to add an article - how do I do this?
Just go here and choose a website you want to add your article to - it's that simple!

How much does it cost to publish an article?
You can find out the publishing costs and benefits on each site. Publishing costs are typically US$12 (10GBP) per article for permanent publishing of the article.

How much will adding an article help my SEO campaign?
We're veterans of SEO, and want the small businesses that add themselves to our directories and article archives to get the most out of them in terms of SEO. The only way to achieve this is by doing things properly. When you add an article to one of our sites, we will reference to it via some links we build so that Google can find it as quickly as possible. Everything is done "above board" - we do not allow commercial anchor texts at all within articles. There are reasons for this we'll get into in the next question! We want out article archives to be as useful and honest as possible. We disclose the publisher via a naked URL (e.g. - a clean do-follow link as a hat-tip to the article contributor. commercial anchor text links? client insists on having an exact keyphrase match anchor text links in the article!
We feel you. However, there's a few problems with this kind of link building when it's used too much:-
  • exact match anchor text links tend to look contrived. They detract from the article and give the reader the feeling that the article isn't for them (the reader), but for the target domain of the exact match anchor text link
  • there's little need for these when your article is on a niche website that Google has identified as belonging to a particular niche (e.g. photography). So long as you have some kind of do-follow link (e.g. naked URL) back to your website, let Google do its job of identifying what your website is about. A "plain vanilla" link (like a naked URL) from an authority website can help boost your rankings across all keywords in the particular niche of the linking website.
  • remember that link diversity is the key to a good link profile! Just focus on writing a great article that may be shared on social media and other websites.
Your article will have a single "naked" URL (do-follow) link back to your website (the anchor would be in this format: This is the attribution link and it will actually feature on three to four separate websites (as well as a link to the article) - so posting an article actually gives your target website AND article a lot of coverage.

What kind of articles can I submit?
Your article must be:-
  • related to the topic of the website you're submitting to (e.g. if you submit to then the article should be something to do with skin care)
  • genuinely informative and useful
  • unique
  • not simply a press-release or advertisement
  • free of any outbound links - we will link to your company website in the bio box above the article (dofollow link) - it will be a naked URL link (e.g. the anchor text will be - this is in keeping with Google's guidelines and best practices.
  • at least 400 words or more in length
When will it be published?
Within 2 to 6 hours of you submitting it. You will be informed by email when the article is live.